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The main wheels were 37 inches, with wooden spokes. Unfortunately just one prototype was ever built. All in all I think this was a very interesting and inventive bike. Harley Davidson produced the S 125 from 1947 to 1952. The bike was created from the plans for the German DKW RT125, which the allies bought as a part of reparations from Germany after World War II. Harley Davidson made this as a basic entry level bike. The 125 cc two stroke engine produced 3 horsepower. Power was sent to the rear wheel by a 3 speed foot shifted transmission. More than 10,000 were sold in the 1st seven months of 1947. The front fork was suspended by large rubber bands until a telescopic fork was announced in 1951. In 1953 a larger 165cc engine was announced and the model name changed to 165.

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motorcycle test online njCrocker began out in 1932 making speedway racing bikes with single cylinders. These bikes were a hit racers, but in 1936 the agency shifted in opposition to larger V twin powered road bikes. The Crocker V Twins were really superbikes compared to their competition, mainly Harley Davidson and Indian. While Indian and Harley had 38 hp 40 hp, Crocker's entry level 61 ci engine was putting out 55 hp 60 hp routinely. Crockers were built to reserve, and the greatest known engine installed at the factory was of 91 ci around 1,491 cc displacement, a record for largest engined manufacturing bike which stood for a long time until Yamaha broke it with the XV1600A in 1998. Production resulted in 1942. Only about 100 of the V Twin bikes were produced, with 68 known survivors today. This is a very rare bike and fetches huge amounts of cash. The one in the above photo sold at public sale in 2007 for $230,000. Harley Davidson began producing the WLA for the U. S.

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